PRODUCT REVIEW: Bloom Super Shimmer Lip Gloss

Bloom Super Shimmer Lip Gloss in 'Glimmer' & 'Dazzle' ($24.00AUD) ★★★
About: lip gloss with a shiny appearance. Contains subtle specks of shimmer to give a glossy appearance. Packaged in a round plastic tube with twist lid containing a felt lip applicator.
Review: Looking for a fun gloss? Then Bloom's super Shimmer Lip Gloss collection is what you need. The collection currently contains four shades that look extremely bright in the tube, but actually apply quite muted and natural. Each contain shimmer but when I wear them I tend to see the slippery shiny effect they give to lips more than anything. The consistency of the formula is light and smooth, free from that sticky or tacky feel. I am not a fan however of the lip applicator because I have a lot of trouble with felt tip wands - they do not grab the gloss nor do they help place it on lips so I keep on constantly 'dipping' in the tube to get more product. While I would like to see a more extensive range of shades, the four current shades are all beautiful, especially Dazzle, a light red with a pink shimmer and Glimmer, a lavender-purple shade which goes on quite transparent.
Purchased: No.


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