PRODUCT REVIEW: Benefit "Talk to the Tan" Bronze Facial Tint

Benefit "Talk to the Tan" Bronze Facial Tint - discontinued ★★½
Size: 50ml
About: liquid facial bronzing tint. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with flip lid.
Review: I thought "Talk to the Tan" was going to be a facial bronzer but it is a facial tint which means once you wash your face, it rinses straight off which means you can't really wear liquid foundation over it as it will wipe the colour right off. Still, it is handy for those who want colour when going out to the shops, sitting at the cafe with the girls, or hanging at the beach and can be worn alone or with face powder, blush or bronzer on top for a more natural and even complexion. The colour looks scary when it is squeezed from the tube because it appears very dark, yet once blended the tint is very subtle. The scent is a little overwhelming and smells a little like soap. My favourite thing about "talk to the tan" is the gorgeous tube it comes packaged in: the sexy, bronzed girl on the tube with her glossy lips and sunnies makes the product seem all the more 'essential' to take home right then and there. This does contain parabens.
Purchased: No. Thank you for allowing me to trial this product.


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