PRODUCT REVIEW: Benefit Honey … Snap Out Of It Face Scrub

Benefit Honey … Snap Out Of It Face Scrub ($50.00) ★★★½
Size: 150ml
About: physical facial exfoliating scrub with granules. Suitable for all skin types. Packaged in a clear plastic squeeze tube. with twist lid.
Review: I really do love the smell Honey ... Snapo Out of It although it can become a little overpowering. The formula itself is a little harsh on my dry, borderline sensitive skin yet Benefit claims it to be suitable for all skin types. If you were to ask me, I personally would not recommend Honey ... Snap Out Of It to those with sensitive skin because it would just irritate and flare up redness, but this exfoliator is perfect for those with normal to oily skin types. Be mindful of using only once to twice or week otherwise Honey ... Snap Out Of It could overstimulate skin and that is not what an exfoliator should do. Containing (almost) edible ingredients such as Natural Honey, Oatmeal, Sweet Almond Meal, and Apricot Oil to hydrate the skin whilst buffing away dead skin cells. I did not mind the product however I admit that there are better options on the market. The packaging is nice and simple and I love being able to see all of the active ingredients swirled through the clear bottle - the formula looks delicious! It reminds me of honey and makes me crave it.
Purchased: No. Tried samples from beauty advisor.


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