PRODUCT REVIEW: B Collection by Bloom Prep and Prime Primer

B Collection by Bloom Prep and Prime Primer ($29.95AUD) ★★★
About: white liquid primer designed to help makeup last longer on the skin. Packaged in a white  plastic tube with twist lid.
Review: When I used Prep and Prime for the first time I thought the formula and consistency was very similar to another well known Aussie brand on the market ... the two are almost identical. If someone was to apply this to my skin without disclosing the product, I would only be able to tell from the scent which is a floral soapy scent. The consistency is a little watery which means a little goes a very long way and the formula spreads generously. In fact, I find I squeeze the tube a little too hard when using it each morning and I tend to expel more than required which means I am wasting a little product each time. I found the performance of Prep and Prime to be average because while it helps my makeup stay on for longer, it does not last the entire day and by the end of the day I notice my makeup is separating and needs to be powdered to look fresh and even. The formula is enriched with goodies such as Shea Butter, Algae Extract and Mushroom Extract which keep skin soft and nourished, but on the down-side Prep and Prime contains not one but five different types of parabens which really lets the formula down considering that other new products in the B Collection are mineral products so I thought this particular formula would follow suit.
Purchased: No.


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