Outfit of the Day: Target Shoe Spotlight

Today I rocked out a "test drive" with my Target Merona Elliana shoes. I brought them with me to wear while I was at school, but never had a great opportunity to debut them. I figured work would be as good a time as any to try them out, and it would really be the ultimate comfort test for them. Well not only did they pass, but I'd be more than willing to wear them to work again! The cushiony bottom makes them easy to walk in and easy to stand on on tile for long periods of time (5 hours in this case). The rubber sole also makes them safe and comfortable to walk fast in (i.e. grabbing dinner from the bakery across the street) and walk easily on the tile. The pads of my toes hurt a little, but I think that's more my fault than the shoes' because I'm totally not used to walking around in heels. I wear Jack Rogers to work more often than anything else, so this was totally new. Since I wore them with white jeans, no one really saw them, which was ok, it really made it easier to give a good review of them. I would totally encourage anyone who was interested in this pair of shoes to buy it! If I were to review them on the Target website, I'd hands down give them 5 out of 5 stars.

I was also interested in another pair of Target heels (I have no idea what's gotten into me recently...) and tried them on in the store. My friend Mary-Claire was trying to convince me to buy them, but I was holding back a little. I do like them a lot, but the front stacked heel/platform was a little much for me.
These also happen to be fabulous Tory Burch knockoffs if anyone was in search of them. I'd love to know anything about these if you own them!!



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