Does That Make Scents?

I used to not really care about perfume. In like 8th grade, "my scent" (along with probably every other middle schooler out there...) was Ralph Lauren: Cool. Anyone else out there with me?
In doing some research for this post, I think I've come to the conclusion that it's been discontinued (I'm taking motions to dispute this claim though...) and RL isn't making it anymore. I'm slightly disappointed, but I'm also happy that no more middle school girls can bathe in this any longer. I think every girl I knew wore RLC and we all thought it was "ours" and we wore it first. I think it was always "pricey" at like $38 or something along those lines. I'm sure this was some sort of gift that I got for Christmas or a birthday!

My own preferences have changed quite a bit since then and I consider "my scent" now to be Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf:
I just LOVE this perfume! I've worn in consistently since spring break of senior year in high school until now. My mom's not a huge fan of it since it is on the strong side, and I think it's a bit heavy for the summer myself. (Read: I also don't have much left so I'm trying to conserve a bit.) Instead, I wear "Beachy" by Lilly Pulitzer for the summer months:
This is a lot lighter and much more appropriate for the summer! I also just adore the bottle and top that comes with it! I also have "Wink" and still have the fabulous printed ribbons that originally came with the swanky bottles.
I also really like Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Now Mist from a few summers ago. I have a HUGE bottle of it just like this one and I swear it replicates because I use it pretty often. It's nice because it's got a great smell but doesn't last long so it's ideal for freshening up or wearing something light to work. 

What are your scents? Anything you consider to be "yours"? Let me know, and leave some suggestions for me to try this summer please and thank you!



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