The Love List: Summer 2011

Summer is good for a lot of things: re-evaluating, starting fresh, getting serious (or not), catching up, catching sun, cleaning (or not), clothes collection, tons of stuff. It's also great for learning what you like. I've learned a lot about myself this summer, some of which are my absolute-no-matter-where-you-live-must-haves:

1. Front Runner and Most-Compliment-Getter of the summer, ladies and gents I present you with, Sinful Colors Pink Forever 313:
Never in my life have I gotten as many compliments on my nail color (weird thing to notice, am I right?) as I've gotten wearing this puppy. Might be the best $1.99 I've spent, at Happy Harry's nonetheless, all summer long.

2. Lilly Pulitzer Callahan Shorts:
I'm a FIRM believer in the 5'' shorts (Michael if you're reading this you can laugh at the 3 vs. 5 inch debate we had a million years ago) and Lilly does it particularly well. I have 2 pairs from last summer and have added 3 pairs this summer that I adore. They're the tall girl's short shorts...

3. Lilly Pulitzer Wiley Tube Top:
Along those same lines, I've hit it big with this shirt. I WAY missed the boat with the navy and didn't snatch it up in time, but I have the white and the pink and I try to convince people to at least try it on daily. If you don't have a Wiley grab one "wiley" you still can!

I have never been a makeup girl. I'm a get up and go girl. Until this summer when I was diagnosed with adult acne. Sista needed a little help and the lovely ladies at Clinique did exactly what I needed and fast. I've relied on this with Sephora Brand Primer and it's great!

4. Croakies, Croakies, and more Croakies
If you give a girl a croakie...

5. Ke$ha
New K-E-Dollah-Sign-HA (as Glee's principal says) fave. We'll say Kesha and I have connected. Because we're the likeliest of pairs...I like it!

6. Steamers:
I steam a lot at work. We get new shipments in weekly and they all need to be freshened and given a bit of life after they come out of the boxes! We joke with our UPS men that they're always delivering gifts to us! I love to steam all of our goodies and have started browsing them with my boss for our own personal use...professional grade steamers...for our personal know you work in retail when.

7. Movies:
Although not my favorite of the summer movies I've seen, I've seen a bunch and have a hankering to go to one this weekend. Not sure which one, but I want to go to a movie, and veg out for 2 hours in someone else's way too cold AC. Sounds so nice after these summer steamy days we've been having!

8. Shopping for formal dresses (that I don't need):

I literally have ZERO need for a floor-length or remotely dressy dress. I don't go to proms anymore, I'm not in a sorority and don't have formal, and none of my friends are having black-tie weddings, so I'm at a loss. Does it stop me from fancy dress shopping? Absolutely not.

9. Carolina Gamecocks
No matter where I am, I'm cheering for the Gamecocks. Having been through this week, I think this is enough said.

10. Twitter:

It has never been easier to connect with Gamecocks, alumni, school friends, Lilly lovers, random friends from high school, Charlestonians, bridal companies, and so many other people than through Twitter! I have had a blast using it and learning it's ways--and tweeting my way through the College World series!

What's on your summer love list? Anything fun?



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