Summer Purchses

My summer purchase list is quickly being filled out! I haven't done much shopping between school and work, but a girl can online browse right? I got about an hours worth of shopping in while I was at the beach, and snagged a new dress from the store but here are a few of my summer snags:
Lilly Pulitzer Ramona Dress

J. Crew Printed Mini (I got another one of these but I can't seem to find the print anywhere!)

J. Crew Carson Short Printed

Lifeguard Press Croakies in "Floaters"

Nike Tempo Running Shorts--ON SALE! I also got another pink/black pair that are very different but equally as fun! Find other colors of this polka dot pattern on sale here too!

I got a lot of summer staples and I have a few extra items on my summer wishlist! I also have a few absolute LUST items on my mental list...those are the real "wishes" that I want! Some also happen to be awfully impractical, but that makes them all the more fun right...? 

What's on your summer purchase list? Any big wishlist items? Let me know!



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