PRODUCT REVIEW: Beauty and the Bees Leatherwood Honey & Coconut Cream Cleanser

Beauty and the Bees Leatherwood Honey & Coconut Cream Cleanser ($32.95+AUD) ★
Size: 125ml
About: hydrating cleanser designed to remove impurities, soften skin and remove makeup. Packaged in a clear glass jar with twist lid.
Review: Sadly I am not a fan of Leatherwood Honey & Coconut Cream Cleanser. While it sounds delicious and the fresh coconut scents wafts in to the air while using it, the formula is too greasy and does not do what it claims to do. I used this on numerous occasions and it felt like applying margarine to my face - the creamy, buttery feel glides across skin and then cannot be removed with hot water alone. I have to use a muslin cleansing cloth to remove the excess formula from my skin otherwise I am left with a greasy residue that feels very unpleasant. On all occasions I felt the need to wash my face again with a different cleanser to remove the residue left behind as well as the makeup which Leatherwood Honey & Coconut Cream Cleanser also claims to remove. Being packaged in a glass jar means that it catches water when showering the moment the lid is removed so I am not fond of the packaging because it was not thoughtfully construed. Would love to see this cleanser reformulated because it could be quite delicious.
Purchased: No.


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