My Next Roadtrip/Vacay: Cape Cod, MA

It's BOOKED ladies and gents! I'm off to Cape Cod for the beginning of August! I'm visiting a friend who's interning for the farm team baseball leagues! Summer Catch anyone?
I can't wait to head up to New England for a few days!
It is going to be so much fun to head out there! I've never been to Cape Cod before so it'll be great! cRc will be a local by then and more than able to give me a tour! 
I hope I see a lot of these...
Even more of these...
And a ton of this SPECIFIC shade of red. Anyone out there can name it? (PS, are we loving that belt? Yep, gave it to Daddyo as a Christmas giftaroo!)

Just last year I was in the planing stages of THIS roadtrip which turned out to be a huge, massive raving success! To Aly and Aldy expect an anniversary shoutout y'all! I expect nothing less from this roadtrip as well!!

Can anyone name the color I'm thinking of? It's a destination themed color...that's a big hint!!



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