In Which I Actually Do Fresh Citrus- Manuel Canovas Route Mandarine

The sample carried the demure name Route Mandarine. The brand is Manuel Canovas, a design house famous for super luxury textiles. The list of notes from Beauty Habit includes just about every fragrant material known to mankind, and , frankly, sounds like a big mess:

Top: An airy blend of Egyptian Geranium, Florida Orange, Bergamot from Calabria, Italian Mandarin, Clove from Madagascar, Ivory Coast Citron, Cinnamon from Ceylon and Ylang Ylang from Madagascar
Middle: A provocative blend of Patchouli from Indonesia, Bulgarian Rose, Muguet, Egyptian Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Indian Sandalwood and Haitian Vetiver
Base: An oriental mix of White Musk, Vanilla from Madagascar, Amber, Spanish Labdanum, Indian Incense, Raspberry flowers and Egyptian Civette

The overall impression is of a mildly fruity citrus with fresh tendencies, and as my scent twin and I have already agreed: We don't do fresh. So, why did I go through the sample with so much pleasure and where do these thoughts about a full bottle come from?

It's both the aesthetic sensibilities of this perfume and the fact that it smells good and fully blooms on my skin, especially in the heat. It's pretty, uncomplicated, very cheerful and reflects the colors and fun I see in Canovas fabrics. It goes perfectly with this tote by the designer:

Maybe it's not really me, but I have a thing for seahorsies and it's such a happy little thing (the bag was available from Harrods two years ago for £139. Yes, for a canvas tote). In a similar manner, the perfume may not be my usual fare, but wearing it cheered me up significantly.

Images: bottle from, tote from The Daily Mail and fabric samples

I got the sample from BeautyHabit with a recent purchase. A full bottle is $95.


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