HAPPY 1 YEAR: Aly and Aldy

Two of my BEST friends and favorite people are celebrating their first anniversary and I couldn't be more excited. I have been storing this up for some sort of honor for them for I don't know HOW long (Aly, this was more intended for the speech before the wedding, but I just can't resist. I've literally been holding onto this quote for MONTHS.)

In the words of famous guido, gorilla-juice-head, Ronnie, "Never fall in love at the Jersey Shore."

I couldn't find the REAL clip, so "Little Jersey Shore" will have to do--if you haven't seen this it is pretty funny! To catch my Ronnie quote, wait until the very end!

This one's for you Aly and Aldric--for making us ALL believe that Ronnie couldn't ever be more wrong.

I am SO proud to call y'all my friends and I look forward to making more Pretty Boy Swag videos in your honor. "Dis..right...here..." I'll let you two fill in the rest! Here's to your first year and many many more my friends! Sending y'all one HUGE hug from the third member of your relationship and you know it!



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