Back Home!!

So I'm finally back home after an exhausting but absolutely WONDERFUL week at school. I had such a great time with Megan, Aly, and the rest of my fabulous crowd that was with us. I can't say enough nice things about how great it was to see everyone and it makes me miss being in Columbia and seeing everyone's bright, shining faces everyday. I'll write a real trip wrap-up one of these days, but I'm SO busy for the next week working at the Naval Academy.

My sister and I are both working with the incoming freshman (could you imagine starting school now...!?) and issuing them all of their supplies necessary for Plebe summer as well as the rest of the school year. It is such an interesting and fun job and we always walk away from the week with tons of stories!!

On another note, today we were watcing Say Yes to the Dress, (as usual...) and one of the consultants said a quote that I LOVED and reminded me of many of my preppy (blog) friends:

"When a girl wears the pearls,  you know she's ready to buy her dress." 

It made me chuckle a little thinking about all the people they must see and how true that statement is! The customer above had the pearls, and I'm sure she was gonna buy her dress too!! I hope everyone is having a nice ending to June! I can't believe how fast this summer is blowing by!!


PS: MY SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS WON THE COLLEGE WORLD SERIES! It's our first National Championship (beyond Women's Indoor Track) ever!!!! GO COCKS!


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