Weekly Gratitue

Already almost a month under my belt here at home. The weeks are flying by--I seriously do not know where my time is going these days!
(Picture, see WG #4)
1. I am thankful for the Naval Academy. It has a special place in my heart and will have one forever. I've had so many sponsor brothers and sisters (my number is in the teens) and I'm lucky to have met all of them. Just the other night my "youngest" (and by youngest I mean newest) brother had a few of his company-mates over and they had a wonderful time. It was great to meet them all!
2. I am thankful for new blog friends. You never know where they pop up and I know I have a few close ones.
3. I am thankful for this hot weather. With hot weather it brings sunshine, pool openings, and lots and lots of barbecues! Is there even a better way to spend the summer?
4. I am thankful I work in a dog friendly store/town. I've learned so much about different kinds of dogs just from letting them walk in!
5. I am thankful for eBay. I've been having way too much fun browsing their selections. I may or may not be online browsing for formal dresses that I don't need but it's still a heck of a lotta fun!
6. I am thankful for weddings. Weddings are giving me the best opportunity to work this summer in a capacity that I never expected!
7. I am thankful for Pinterest! It is the coolest online live thought board. I am beyond obsessed. Still...
8. I am thankful for hot dogs. I eat them for dinner if we're grilling, and sometimes for lunch from Pip's (my favorite place to eat when I work in Annapolis). I have eaten so many recently, there are few foods that say summer like hot dogs!
9. I am thankful for Facebook and Twitter (probably one of only a few people who are actually "thankful for it"...). They are allowing me to stay in contact with lots of my close friends in a more fun way than emails, texting or phone calls!
10. I am thankful for all the new experiences and friends that I'm getting and making this summer. I know I say it, but I really believe that Summer 2011 is set to be the best on the books for me!



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