My Favorite Jack Rogers Ventures Into Clothes!

Everyone knows that I'm a loyal Jacks lover. If you've seen any of my Polyvores you'll know that I wear them literally on a day-to-day basis. I wear them giving my campus tours, working at the store, going to the pool and beach, and basically if I leave the house! My personal favorites are the Platinum version, but I also own gold, white, and black patent. I wear them all pretty often but the Platinum ones definitely take the cake (and really, what girl can refuse platinum...?)

Anyway, JUST this year, our trusty Jack Rogers started to make clothes! Check out their new website here! Look at some of these new items:
Look at how fabulous this tunic is (which would also make an awesome cover-up!)!! Eyelet and resort chic at the same time. Plus check out those espadrille heels she's rocking? How fierce!

Also, they made a shift--my personal favorite. I'm definitely a shift kind of girl, they're easy to wear, sporty and can be dressed up and down for all kinds of occasions! Even Jackie O. who helped skyrocket this brand would be proud. Also on this model are the new Jellys! Look at all the fun colors they come in:

They would just about match my whole closet! Plus they probably take way less time to break in which means they're blister free--definitely a plus!

I do have to say though, that my favorites are definitely the traditional Navajos. Since I'm 6'1'' they're the absolute best tall girl shoes because they're cute and don't have a heel. I've worn Jacks to prom (yes, I have) and even just to class so I know I can count on them whenever I need! I've also convinced several of my friends into purchasing them too! My next purchase is definitely going to be another Navajo pair in pink just like these:

Are Jacks your "go-to" shoes? What colors do you wear most often?



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