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With over 60 years experience Goldwell is an international haircare brand sold exclusively in salons. The brand aspires to provide hairdressers and consumers with exceptional innovative hair care products. Goldwell was created in 1948 by a businessman named Hans Erich Dotter. It all began with the production of a lotion designed to give hair lasting shape to their hairstyle and soon after an international empire was created.

Goldwell Kerasilk Instant Silk Fluid 125mL ($23.95AUD) ★★★½
Product type: Leave-in hair treatment designed to restructure the hair. Suitable for all hair types expecially colour treated, permed or naturally curly hair. Packaged in a yellow plastic bottle with pump applicator.
My main issue with this product is that it is advertised “for all types of hair.”. I have medium-fine hair that is highlighted. Highlighted hair is a good barometer for testing leave ins – as it has (the annoying) tendency to display signs of greasing incredibly quickly. That is exactly what I found with this product. I've trialled it on towel-dried hair as well as dry hair, allowing my hair to air dry and then smoothing with the blowdryer and straightening iron. I have used different amounts – from a full pump right down to a quarter of a pump. Each application resulted in stringy, coated hair strands. I didn't like it at all. However, all is not lost with this product – I did try it on a client with coarse, curly hair and she loved it. It made her hair feel exactly as it was reported to – smooth, nourished and anti-frizzed. Contains vitamin E, Jojoba-Oil to nourish and silken hair weightlessly and UV filters to protect hair from damaging external stress. All in all, do rate this product highly – for certain types of hair. But as a consumer, I find the slogan “for all types of hair” to be misleading and irritating. 3.5 stars for the inconvenience factor.
(Thank you to my lovely friend and hair stylist Jade Frances for her fabulous review)

Goldwell Kerasilk Rich Care Treatment 225mL ($20.95AUD) ★★★★
Product Type: Rich rinse-off treatment conditioner designed for dry, damaged or unmanageable hair types. Packaged in a yellow plastic tube with flip-top lid.
With the common dilemma of having oiler roots and dryer ends – it is hard to find a treatment that does not weigh and flatten my hair down. I have loved using this product. After shampooing, I towel dry my hair and
applied a 20c piece size through my lengths and ends. The smell is subtle and earthy – a little like wheat fields. Reading the ingredients I notice the product does actually contain Silk and wheat flour oils. There's something reassuring about how natural this product is. There are also no silicones that coat the hair, making it feel soft, but causing long term damage. Rinsing after 5 minutes and allowing to dry, I find my hair is soft, without being weighed down or separating in sections like it can after a heavier, oiler product. I don't think this product would provide enough nourishment for super dry hair types – but Goldwell have catered for that clientele with their Ultra Rich Care range.
(Thank you to my lovely friend and hair stylist Jade Frances for her fabulous review)

Goldwell Rich Repair Leave-in Cream Fluid 150ml ($30.95AUD)
Product type: hydrating leave-in hair conditioner.
When any product claims to repair hair, I always look to the ingredients to see if that could be even a vaguely valid claim. Happily, with this product, it is. It contains both Pashmina Silk Proteins and Keratin. Both ingredients have been proven time and time again, to encourage hair repair by saturating the hair shaft in proteins similar to what the hair is actually made of. I had feared this product might be a little rich for my blonde, fine ends, despite the fact that they need moisture and protein. However, the texture is remarkably light once it soaks into the hair. I have been left with neither stringy-ness nor oilyness, whether I blow dry or let air dry. It also offers thermal protection, which is an added bonus. The only thing that could make this product better – would be if it also detangled.
(Thank you to my lovely friend and hair stylist Jade Frances for her fabulous review)


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