"Don't Stop Believing..."

I am so very excited for the return of one of my favorite shows tomorrow! Glee is coming back and I am very excited for it! I was getting all caught up with the Glee stuff online today and found the Glee Player on Fox's website. Needless to say I watched all the clips and got even MORE pumped for the big return tomorrow. I remember when they said that it would be returning April 13th I could never wait that long, but just today the facebook event came up on my homepage reminding me that it was VERY SOON! I yelled at my roommate and I think she got a little pumped too! I have so much studying to do tonight for all my CPR certification tests tomorrow, so I won't be able to watch my favorite episodes (Mashups, Hairography, Sectionals...I could go on forever...) like I wanted but that's ok because I'm sure a few of them will be reruns on TV tomorrow! I know I post about Glee a lot, BUT I just wanted to remind everyone that the best show on TV is returning tomorrow and you should all RSVP to the facebook event as well to band together with all the other Gleeks out there!



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