Beauty Treatments : The Garra Rufa Fish!!

Actress Cecilia Chung for Harpers Bazaar China Feb issue
Photographed by Feng Hai
via FGR

Treatment Time : 30 mins
Cost: £30
Garra Rufa Fish pedicure
(the above is not my foot!)

I was more intrigued than convinced by this treatment I have to say...I had read quite a lot about it and went along more out of curiosity than anything else.

You can read about the idea behind it here ....but the pedicure involves you putting your bare feet in a tank in which are the garra rufa fish. The fish nibble away, removing hard (and dead skin) and lightly massaging your feet.

And yes, I do know it sounds slightly bizarre and a little ridiculous!

I was worried I would be uncomfortable or, more importantly, that it would be too ticklish for me to endure. However, once I had got used to it, it was pretty relaxing...I read for the majority of the 30 minutes. They have no teeth so they are definitely nibbling and not biting.

My verdict: My feet are definitely softer and it wasn't an unpleasant experience....but at £30 for 30 mins it's expensive and I'm not sure it's worth it (I had a special offer deal so only paid £8). I would rather book a normal pedicure.


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